Official Ring Tradition

I was responsible for the College’s Ring Tradition. We sold the official College of Charleston Ring with a portion of each purchase benefitting the Alumni Association. I was able to utilize many tactics to promote and expand the program, including organizing Ring Days, regular email promotions, events, and coordinating with student promoters.

Ring Days are where our partners would be on campus to sell the rings, sending supporting invitations to eligible students, sending parents information about the rings, social media, and creating yard signs to be placed for ring days. Pictured is my design for the ring day sign

I helped organize the first Ring Tradition Night, where students came to place their rings to stay overnight in the College’s first classroom.

To promote the event, we created social media, sent a drip email campaign to students and parents, and collaborated with other departments to capture the event. I created certificates to certify that each ring had spent the night in the College’s first classroom. The pictures below were posted to the College’s official instagram and snapchat account to promote awareness for next year’s event.

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