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SPARC Stands Up!

Originally posted on the SPARCedge blog November 25th, 2014

I had a startling realization last week when I was working from home. I was sitting at a desk working on my computer, and I was restless. It bothered me until I got up and found myself eyeing furniture to put my computer on, stand up, and work. I’m almost embarrassed to admit: I missed my stand up desk so much that I built one so I could actually get some work done.

I had jobs in the past that required standing and relished every opportunity to sit. But maybe I wasn’t meant to be a desk jockey. If the first step is admitting you have a problem, here is mine: I am uncomfortable sitting at a normal desk. I am a stand up addict. But I’m not alone and my addiction may not be a problem, either.

Get More Face Time!

When I’m at my stand up, I feel like most of my time is spent less in front of a computer working, and more time collaborating. Jeremy Martin, doesn’t miss his ordinary desk: “While it’s nice to plop down on a couch from time to time, the longer I’ve had the stand-up desk the harder I find it to be without it. I’ve also found that when I’m already standing, I’m far more likely to find and talk to coworkers face-to-face, rather than simply shooting an email or instant message.”

Get Into A Groove

When you’re using a stand up, we’ve found that not only are you more likely to go find a colleague and chat face to face, but as Brandon Pierce found: “… I dance more, horribly and awkwardly, but significantly more.”

Kelley Elder and I share a love of using a balance board while at the standing desk, and she summed it up nicely: “I get sick of sitting down at work all day, so the stand up desk is great… I love using it while standing on balance boards too, and feel better after work than when I was sitting all day.”

According to Keith Adamson, who is arguably one of the biggest health nuts in SPARC, said his favorite part about the standing desk is: “I’m dying less quickly. When you sit for the better part of your day your body literally starts turning itself off. Not just in a sleep mode, but it decreases organ function.”

Mike Van O’Linda said of his stand up desk: “I do enjoy my stand-up quite a bit, mostly because it provides a change of scenery, keeping things changing through the day breaks the monotony of the work day. Sitting at a regular desk still has its purposes though, mostly because my sit down area, at the moment, is a place I can go hide and hunker down to get some code done without much distraction.”

When I’m at my stand up, I feel acutely aware of how many extras are at my actual desk. While maybe not an addict, Bob Williams “lovingly longs” for his stand up, and has a great reason: “The individual expression of minimalism of so much in one place…no sprawl…all bags, notes, paper, drinks, cords, phones, compactly and conveniently arranged but still with individual character.”

How do you get stuff done? Do you use a standing desk? Want to get a desk at SPARC? Check out our open positions page!

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