Alligator Adoption

Originally posted on the SPARCedge blog on August 7th, 2014.

Dog friday has a competitor- alligator everyday.

S. Parcy Bowman the second (SPARK-eee) has been living in our pond for a couple of weeks now. It isn’t very big– two feet at the time of writing, or about the length of my arm. After hearing “well, I’m not worried about him, just his mom,” I decided to call a local gator getter, Ron. From my description, Ron said that Sparcy is probably from last year’s hatching, and that Momma Parcy is long gone. Sparcy is probably eating invertebrate larvae in the pond, so we should thank it for the decrease in bugs. (I’ll cancel my order of alligator chow.)

Ron confimed that alligators can fart.

I told Ron that the pond is pretty gross, but he told me that alligators have “real strong” immune systems, and that the pond, no matter how gross it looks to me, is a great nursery for Sparcy. Sparcy is here temporarily- in Ron’s words, “If that little guy can get in there, he can get himself out. He’ll outgrow his food supply and leave in the middle of the night and head towards a bigger pond. He’s alright.” I described SPARC’s location on Clements Ferry, and Ron said that the chances of Sparcy getting hit by a car are small: Ron could only remember one instance where an alligator was hit on Clements Ferry. Alligators are nocturnal for the most part, and when Sparcy would be moving the chances are that there wouldn’t be much traffic. There are also a lot of ponds that I didn’t know about on this side of the road, and that Sparcy would be more likely to pick a pond on this same side than cross the road.

Interestingly, once Sparcy hits the three foot mark, it’ll have a bite similar to a german shepherd. It only made me want to bring Sparcy to Dog Friday even more! I told Ron my dream of having Sparcy curl up underneath my sparceting desk, and he gently reminded me that catching an alligator is against the law, but still could do some damage to a finger if provoked. I will put my alligator dreams on hold… for now.

heeerreeee scaly scaly scaly

Need to know:

– Alligators are nocturnal. So be careful coming in early or staying past dusk on Dog Fridays with Fido.
– Sparcy got into our pond, it can get itself out. It’s here in a safe, secure, otherwise alligator-less environment to establish himself in a gator-eat-gator world.
– Don’t feed the gator! It’s eating invertebrae and bugs.
– It’s just a baby! It’s about one year old, so be gentle. It’s just a lil guy!
– Don’t worry about lil ol Sparcy. Just don’t go splashing around in the pond… although I don’t know why you would.