Originally published on the SPARCedge blog on June 18th, 2014.
I’ve been interning at SPARC for almost a month now, and I have started to slurp the kool-aid. I’ve been bragging about SPARC to my friends and colleagues at other jobs– as my best friend, Baillie, so eloquently said: “Damn it, now I want to work there.” I haven’t even told her that I rigged a second power strip so I can have my monitor and computer plugged in at the same time. (I’m easy to please.)

triangle of weirdnessI’m reassured that this is a pretty common phenomenon: you can’t tell significant others or friends about how awesome your job is, because the jealousy becomes a problem. Sorry, Baillie. #I’mnotactuallysorry


I’m starting to recognize more faces, and there are even newer hires now, somehow. I’m still working on names, but everyone seems to know mine. Hey, I read your blog! It’s amazing to be embraced as a team member, and it warms my English major heart that people actually read my writing.

Even SPARC CEO, Eric Bowman, recognized me when we officially met in person: “Oh, good, it’s about time someone around here could write.” (I guess having my profile picture show up as the blog icon helps to put a face to my name.)

Even on days I said I wouldn’t come in, I find myself waking up and coming in anyway. It’s the “Fear Of Missing Out,” not for college parties, but for the 9:00 a.m. check in with the marketing team. I want recaps for meetings I missed. I sign myself up for twelve hour days so that I don’t miss anything with my team. It’s unusual for me to text my boss about blogging competitions at 10 p.m., but even weirder* when he tweets at me that he won… a little past midnight.

it's on like donkey kong

*weirdunusual, but not unpleasant.


I’m getting paid for this?

#toogood #butstilltrue

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